Wiring Inspections

Would You Go More than a Year Without Changing the Oil in Your Car? Well, Your Home Electrical Wiring Deserves the Same Kind of TLC.

If you’re buying or selling a home, a whole-house wiring inspection is a no-brainer. But shouldn’t you have it done periodically, just to play it safe? For your added safety and peace of mind, it’s positively essential.

Here are just a few of things we look for when conducting a home electrical wiring inspection:

  • Are there ground fault circuit interruptors (GFCIs) for the bathroom, kitchen, garage, basement and outdoors?…these should be located everywhere electrical shock is most likely to occur.

  • Is there any exposed or frayed wiring?

  • Are all electrical panels correctly labeled and secured to their mounting surfaces?

  • Is your electrical panel interior free of rust and corrosion?

  • Are all circuits properly protected with the right size circuit breakers or fuses?

A lot of what we look for is obvious. And a lot is “stuff” you most likely would never think of. Our advice? Give your home the same care you would your car, and contact us today for a whole-house wiring inspection.

Whole House Blue Printing

This is a really neat item and a great plus to selling your house. Have you ever gone to your electrical panel looking for a specific breaker and found that it is not marked correctly? We can go through the house and trace every circuit, draw a blueprint of your home, mark it on every outlet, switch, light, and device, and put a circuit number next to each item. We will also draw up a new panel directory. Impress any buyer with an electrical diagram of your home.

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