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For Added Beauty, Security, or Both, Outdoor Lighting Might be Just the Ticket.

It’s wintertime, and the weather outside is…well, as they say, frightful! But picture this:

You’re on your way home from work, and all you’re thinking about is getting warm and cozy. Suddenly, you spot your house from way down the street. But wait…it’s completely dark outside, so from that distance, are you even sure it’s the right house? Of course you are…because yours is the one with the professional and tasteful outdoor lighting design.

Okay, so maybe outdoor lighting alone won’t make you feel any better about winter, but it sure will help you sleep better at night.

Consider, if you will, the value of infrared motion detectors (IMDs). These are activated by human body heat and automatically activate outdoor lights when they sense motion…up to 70 feet away! And because they’re specifically programmed for human body heat, IMDs won’t be triggered by wandering nocturnal critters. For best results, have them installed well above the ground so that each one covers the broadest possible area of your property.

When you’re out for the evening or away on vacation, automatic timers will help you feel more secure. Timers automatically turn on outdoor lighting at the time you pre-set. Also, with lighting remote controls, you can turn outdoor and indoor lights on and off, at will, at the push of a button.

Floodlights provide the greatest amount of light and are ideal in large areas like a lawn or driveway. Mini-spot lights also play a positive role in home security to light up keyholes, house numbers, or other small, out-of-the-way dark spots.

Beyond the obvious security benefit of outdoor lighting, they also can add a unique kind of beauty to your home.

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